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Microsoft In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we'd like to offer you the new Microsoft® Interactive CD Sampler 2000—absolutely free. 103 of the best songs you ever heard-volume 4 for free

TC2000 The free stock market cd-rom

Ford A free cd-rom that you create to give you what you want. Tell them what you like and they will give you a full interactive calendar.

Rooster Fill out the form for a free cd from this rock band.

Riffage Get a 150 MP3 song CD Sampler FREE when you register for My Riffage.

GetMusic Free sample CD from Guano Apes

StarBright Foundation Diabetes CD-ROM (Life Adventure Series- the game) is available free of charge to children with diabetes and their parents.

MTV Online MTV's Fight for Your Rights: Take a Stand Against Violence CD/Action Guide features music by top artists and contains information on how you can take a stand in your community. Free CD

MICR Products FREE Kit Includes: MICR Warehouse CD and Quickstart Guide. Ten blank laser checks with expanded security features.

Hoopers Multimedia Superspell program - FREE Sample CD of the latest "Day at the Beach" and "Assessment Disk". No cost for Australian schools.

Power Affirmations The CD has several affirmations from 6 different subjects such as self-confidence, achieving your goals, health, creating financial abundance, and power relationships. The CD is completely free, no shipping,no handling.

Yahoo! Internet Life Get a FREE Web Blitz CD-ROM along with a FREE trial of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine.

Best of MIAMI Free CD Features 60 minutes of the Hottest Latin Music Videos, Festivals and Swim Suit Models. Or if you prefer the Carribean and you like Reggae, Saca, Cumbia, Calypso and Island Jungle music videos.

ThinkQuest 2000 The ThinkQuest CD ROM packet is a valuable resources for educators and students. A collection of student produced ThinkQuest learning tools, free software for web site creation. offered at no cost each year to individual students and educators.

Fibromyalgia Free information CD to all with Fibromyalgia.

World Opponent Network Receive a complimentary CD-ROM packed with quality interactive multi-player computer games you can play free on-line.

Pronto Tonto Fill out the form for a FREE copy of the latest Demo CD from the hot new band Pronto Tonto!!! U.S. only

Vigilance The Vigilance Demo is available to download today! Or recieve your free copy in the mail.

Free 8000 CD FREE HP LaserJet 8000 CD.Only to US addresses

Tom Snyder Productions Free Demos of Educational Software.Free CD Sampler is available to teachers in the US or Canada ONLY

Texas Travel Free virtual reality cd-rom guide of Texas

Asian Sources Free cd-rom of Asia sources for companies.

Fred's Rug Service Free Carpet Buyer's Guide CD-ROM and coupon for you to printout worth up to $100 towards the purchase of Anso Nylon carpet from Fred's Rug Service.

Surf Monkey Free browser,order the Surf Monkey CD-ROM -- it's FREE.U.S.Only

Five Star Casino Free cd-rom with casino games.Eight classics

Dazzle Multimedia Free demo disk of Dazzle Multimedia's Dazzle

College Web Be one of the first 10,000 people to sign in and receive Volume One of's compilation CD of the Best of College and Indie Music!!

RawSound Records Free cd of the band Maalstroom to the first 150 people

SDT Inc. accounting software - get your free interactive CD ROM demo now

Stone Bogart Just email them for this free cd

Free Instrupedia CD ROM Building PC-based measurement and automation applications.

Kinder Active Free cd about the KinderActive line of educational products

Guardian 3.0 Firewall It's a bullet proof shield for your network and Windows NT from hackers.

Mechanical Desktop 3 Demo CD Where you can reduce engineering cycle time by using the software's powerful, practical toolset and design procedures

Hoopers Multimedia Superspell program and associated literacy improvement educational software.For Australian teachers


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